My Content Marketing Writing Services

Whether you’re an agency looking for expert client support or a business in need of an entire content calendar, I’m on the job! Drop me a line so we can set up an intro call to get to know each other a bit.

Blog posts

From short informational posts to thought leadership, blogging keeps your business top-of-mind. I offer monthly packages with a minimum of two posts a month, starting at 500 words each.

Each post includes brand and industry research, multiple inbound and outbound links, and professional SEO and keyword optimization from a Yoast-certified writer.

Add-ons: social media copy, interviews, topic formation


Keep your potential clients updated and showcase your best wins and expertise with success stories. My case studies range from 750-1,200 words and I offer them both separately and in packages of three or more.

Each one includes in-depth research, SEO optimization, and phone or email interviews, and combines quality storytelling with quantitative results.

Add-ons: social media copy, intro blog post



Have more to say? Whitepapers and ebooks make excellent content for brands who want to highlight a new partnership, go in-depth on a service or process, or simply offer value to their audience.

I offer ebooks and whitepapers from 1,500 words and up, separately or on a quarterly basis. Each project includes multiple interviews, in-depth brand and industry research, multiple rounds of revisions and proofing with your designers, and SEO optimization.