About The cap’n

I didn’t want to be a writer growing up. Instead, I dreamed of running away to a life of piracy and adventure.

Always a compulsive note-taker, it didn’t occur until college that my journals and short scribbles might be the beginning of something. And, thanks to a multicultural family on both sides of the Pond, my interest in innovative trends around the world led me into marketing and journalism.

The name “Lost Lass” began as a private joke at my tendency to get lost on my travels and I soon found it to be true for my work as well.

Living squarely at the intersection between creative and analytical, I love the challenge of “translating” tech-heavy industries for wider audiences, or just broadening my own horizons. Whether it’s cloud infrastructure, world cultures, medical advances, or futuristic tech, my work is never dull because learning is truly its own reward.

When not managing projects, I’m probably co-hosting a mental health and business podcast, speaking at local events, or traveling between the US and UK. If you have trouble finding me, just look for a red hat!