Leanna Johnson


The name “Lost Lass” began as a joke at my tendency to get lost in the moment on my travels. Every time I get absorbed in my work, I remember how well the name fits!

Growing up with family around the world not only gave me the ability to switch between a dozen different accents, but an insatiable appetite for broadening my horizons. Now, I love the challenge of learning brand voices by ear and translating tech-heavy industries for wider audiences.

As a content marketing ghostwriter and copywriter, I revel in living squarely at the intersection of creative and analytical. My background in journalism and production means I’m happiest researching and uncovering a new story angle, whether it’s on medical conferences or innovative cashless apps.

I’m probably co-hosting a mental health and business podcast, speaking at local events, or traveling between the US and UK. If you have trouble finding me, just look for a red hat!